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Maryborough is a city located on the Mary River, in south east  Queensland, Australia.  It is approximately 280 kilometers north of the state capital, Brisbane, and 30 kilometers south west of Hervey Bay. Maryborough has a population of approximately 26,000.  The Wide  Bay area which encompasses Maryborough is the fastest growing  region on the east coast of Queensland. Maryborough was founded in 1847, and was named after Lady Mary  Lennox. It was proclaimed a municipality in 1861, and became a city in 1905. During the 1800s, the city was a major port of entry to immigrants  arriving in Queensland from all parts of the world. The Mary River was also named after Lady Mary. Over time the town has been a service  town for many industries including wool, timber, gold mining and  sugar. The Mary River has such a wide mouth that at one stage Maryborough was  nominated as possible capital city status before Brisbane. It is also known for the building of locomotives and  passenger train construction, firstly for many years as  Walkers and now as EDI Rail. Other notes of mention are that Maryborough is widely  known as the heritage city due to the number of buildings that remain from the early history  of Maryborough, with many  fine examples to be found  close to the CBD. P.L.Travers was born in Maryborough. She is the author of Mary Poppins and there is a statue of Mary Poppins erected outside of her birthplace in the CBD precinct. Maryborough was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, with the  distinction of holding the biggest ever pub crawl with over 4,000 participants. Maryborough's temperature averages from maximums of 30C in the summer and 22C in winter, with minimums of 20C in summer down to 9C in winter.  Official monthly averages can be viewed here.


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