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Temperature-  %monthtodateavtemp% C Last 24 hours-  %last24houravtemp% C Humidity-  %monthtodateavhum% % Last 24 hours-  %last24houravhum% % Dew point-  %monthtodateavdp% C Air pressure-  %monthtodateavbaro% hPa Windspeed-  %monthtodateavspeed% Km/h Wind gust speed-  %monthtodateavgust% Km/h Wind direction-  %monthtodateavdir% Degrees
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Windspeed: %avgspd%

Current Weather

Wind direction-  %winddirinwords% Wind speed-  %avgspd% kM/h
Date: %date%  
Sunrise-  %sunrise% Sunset-  %sunset% Possible daylight-  %hoursofpossibledaylight% Moonrise-  %moonrise% Moonset-  %moonset% Full moon- %nextfullmoondate% Moon phase-  %moonphase%
Time: %time%
Temperature- %temp%
Air pressure-  %baro% Barometer last hour-  %pressuretrendname%
Rain last hour-  %hourrn%
Rain today-  %dayrn%
Humidity- %humpercent%
Wind Chill-  %windch%
Heat index-  %heatindexinmetric%
Apparent temperature-  %apparenttempc%
Humidex-  %humidexcelsius%
Gust speed-  %gstspd%

Daily Minimums

Temperature- %mintempmetric% C @ %mintempt% Apparent- %loapparenttemp% C @ %loapparenttemptime% Heat Index- %minheat% C @ %minheatt% Wind Chill- %minwindch% C @ %minwindcht% Humidity- %lowhum% % @ %lowhumt% Dew Point- %mindew% C @ %mindewt% Pressure- %lowbaro% @ %lowbarot%
Temperature-  %maxtempmetric% C @ %maxtempt% Apparent- %hiapparenttemp% C @ %hiapparenttemptime% Heat Index- %maxheat% @ %maxheatt% Wind Chill- %maxwindchill% @ %maxwindchillt% Humidity- %highhum% % @ %highhumt% Dew Point- %maxdew% @ %maxdewt% Pressure- %highbaro% @ %highbarot% Wind gust- %maxgst% from the %maxgstdirectionletter% @ %maxgstt%

Daily Maximums

Sun and Moon

One Year Ago

Max Temp-  %maxtempyrago% Min Temp-  %mintempyrago% Max Baro-  %maxbaroyrago% Min Baro-  %minbaroyrago% Max Humidity-  %maxhumyrago% Min Humidity-  %minhumyrago% Average Windspeed-  %avwindyrago%
Current Weather Windspeed: %avgspd% Wind direction: %winddirinwords% Date: %date%    Sunrise  %sunrise%    Moonrise  %moonrise%   Time: %time% Sunset  %sunset%  Moonset  %moonset%  Temperature: %temp% Air pressure: %baro% Rain last hour: %hourrn% Rain today: %dayrn% Humidity: %humpercent% Wind Chill: %windch% Heat index: %heatindexinmetric% Apparent temperature:  %apparenttempc% Humidex: %humidexcelsius% Gust speed: %gstspd% Commodo sint
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Temperature  %maxtempmetric% C @ %maxtempt% Humidity %highhum% % @ %highhumt% Wind gust %maxgst% from the %maxgstdirectionletter% @ %maxgstt% Pressure %highbaro% @ %highbarot%